Gray Quarry

Diving the Gray Quarry is certain to be a unique experience from other local dive spots. Hidden right along Interstate 26 at the Gray exit one will find a three acre quarry lake filled with unique attractions such as a swim through school bus, a 1967 International tanker firetruck, a Cessna 310 airplane, a 19' cabin cruiser, a SeaDoo sportster, a jet ski and nearly a dozen statues for great photo opportunities. 


For student instruction there is a large wooden training platform at 20' and another smaller wooden training platform atop the fire truck at 55'-60'.


Another great feature at the Gray Quarry is the absence of a thermocline due to two aerators that oxygenate the full depth of the quarry. So that means the water temperature is the same top to bottom and the large variety of fish inhabit all levels of the quarry.


Site amenities include a full size 'dive bus' with changing area, canopy with tank holding stations and canopy lights for night diving. Parking is available at the top of the quarry where a portable restroom is available. 

Dive Site

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